About Kanetix Ltd.

The Kanetix Ltd. Family Tree

Kanetix was founded back in 1999 based on the belief that shopping for insurance was too time consuming. It could be easier. It should be easier. And, with that thinking the company set out to innovate the insurance industry and how Canadians shopped for insurance.

In 2011, Monitor Clipper Partners invested in Kanetix believing that the market share of online insurance would grow exponentially. So began the transition of moving the brand from an online insurance quote provider to a robust online marketplace for financial services. Today, through its leadership, expertise and experience, Kanetix continues to grow along with its partners into an online financial ecosystem leader.

Alongside Kanetix.ca, the Kanetix Ltd. family tree includes InsuranceHotline.com, RateSupermarket.ca, Rates.ca and ComparaSave.com. Collectively, the five brands help Canadians virtually in all aspects of personal finance; whether it's providing educational content, industry news, financial tools like calculators, renewal reminders, and rate alerts, and of course helping Canadians compare and find the best insurance rates, mortgage rates, credit cards and banking products. Together, the Kanetix Ltd. family empowers Canadians by showcasing the options and choices available to them, ensuring they can make confident decisions and purchases regarding their personal finance needs.

It's free. Really.

Kanetix.ca is absolutely free and you won't get a cheaper price by going direct. There are no hidden fees or costs to use our services. We make our money from the companies we work with, not you.

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